7 Anniversary Sculpture Gifts They Won’t See Coming

7 Anniversary Sculpture Gifts They Won’t See Coming

Anniversaries and birthdays clock over so regularly we tend to drop big celebrations and extravagant gestures. But occasionally a creative surprise, or an unusual gift, reminds someone you’re paying attention. Really paying attention to what they like or enjoy.

Art is a terrific option for thoughtful gifting. It’s tricky to get right because it’s so personal, but when you do it’s a winner. Well chosen artworks can remind someone you care for the rest of their life. You can even commission details you know they’d like.

Tread Sculptures is a popular destination for unusual gifts. We make a wide range of practical and decorative reclaimed steel garden art, and we’ve delivered some amazing commissions over the years when client ideas sparked adventures in our workshop and metal yard.

Crafting sculptures with beauty and meaning from unexpected materials is our superpower. We use old parts and tools to create happy characters. We turn car wrecks and reclaimed steel into giant flowers. We mix stunning handmade glass with rusty metal. If you’re looking for a sculpture anniversary gift, a unique wedding present, a milestone birthday or ‘just because’ surprise, we have you covered.

Tread Sculptures can deliver all sorts of flowers, water features, bird baths, light bollards, letterboxes, planters or cheeky personalities with big smiles. View current work for sale on the website. Or make an appointment to explore our sculpture trail and gallery. We’d love to help you deliver a memorable experience.

Handmade scrap metal flower sculpture by Tread Sculptures in Melbourne, Australia

Flower Sculptures

Tread’s giant flower sculptures are perfect as focal points in any garden design. Add a splash of colour, use them as a centrepiece, or fill a space where plants don’t grow very well.
Glass sculpture made from reclaimed mild steel

Glass and steel sculptures

These recycled glass and metal sculptures are made of reclaimed stainless steel and gorgeous handmade slumped glass.

Upcycled characters

Quirky and fun scrap metal creatures made from 100% reclaimed materials. A perfect touch to any landscaping. 
Scrap metal water birdbaths in Melbourne, Australia

Cascading water features

Water features that suit smaller gardens. The pump is ready to plug and play once in place.
Recycled metal bollard in Melbourne, Australia

Decorative steel bollards

Hand-cut bollards from our premium reclaimed material. These reclaimed bollards settle well into any garden spaces.
Upcycled handmade birdbath series by Tread Sculptures in Melbourne, Australia

Easy clean bird baths

These bird baths nestle beautifully into a garden. A couple of river stones in them offer the bees plenty of places to drink.
Reclaimed gate garden art handmade by Tread Sculptures in Melbourne, Australia

Gates and entrances

Decorative moon gates that look amazing in a cottage garden. 


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